5 Contoh Motivation Letter Masuk Universitas Luar Negeri!

Sedang pusing mencari contoh motivation letter masuk universitas untuk kepentingan study abroad? No worries! Ini dia berbagai contohnya!


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Beberapa kampus luar negeri mensyaratkan esai untuk pelamarnya. Nah, salah satu esai yang sering diminta adalah motivation letter. Kalau kamu masih bingung, MinBi udah menyiapkan contoh motivation letter masuk universitas luar negeri di artikel ini, lho!


Kalau mau tahu informasi persiapan beasiswa S1 yang lebih lengkap lagi, kamu bisa contek persiapannya di tautan bawah ini!

Mau tahu lebih lanjut? Simak informasi lengkapnya sampai akhir, ya!

Apa Itu Motivation Letter?

Motivation letter (Motlet) masuk universitas luar negeri adalah salah satu jenis esai yang menjelaskan alasan atau motivasimu untuk mendapatkan beasiswa atau melanjutkan studi di salah satu program di universitas.


Biasanya, pihak kampus memberikan pertanyaan sebagai panduan untuk menulis motlet.


Misalnya, panduan untuk melamar program Master di New York University meliputi:

  • Explain your goals (both academic and professional;
  • Share the ways in which the program will benefit by bringing you in.


Setiap kampus memiliki panduan berbeda, tapi intinya sama-sama meminta kamu menjelaskan alasan atau motivasimu masuk universitas tersebut.

Contoh Motivation Letter Masuk Universitas Luar Negeri

Biar enggak bingung, kamu bisa membaca contoh motlet di bawah ini. Tapi, kamu enggak boleh menjiplak, ya! Cukup jadikan contoh motivation letter ini sebagai referensimu dalam menulis.

Contoh 1

PRO TIPS: Jelaskan jurusan dan alasan memilih jurusan tersebut

Dear Admissions Committee,

I am writing to apply for two Master’s degrees in Software Engineering, in which I am interested. X University is an excellent choice for me and my future profession. Attending this university will assist me in achieving my goal of becoming a Software Engineer with remarkable expertise. ….. .

I completed my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering since I have always been interested in computers and computer-related technology. While studying Computer Science, I learned how computer technology advances and enhances human existence. ….. .

My teachers and peers always saw me as proactive; they trusted and viewed me as a potential leader and successor. After finishing my bachelor’s degree, I worked as a Software Developer (Intern) for a software firm. I had the opportunity to work closely with other programmers and interact with clients. ….. .

It will be a fantastic chance to pursue my Master’s in Software Engineering at the X University, one of Finland’s top universities with excellent research facilities and other possibilities.  ….. .

I have applied in the Master’s Program in Software Product Management and Business. I like this program because it aims to design and develop digital services based on business content related to my current job. By studying in this program, I could work as a software product manager in my future career. ….. .

Thank you very much for considering my application.



Sumber: B M Mahmud

Contoh 2

PRO TIPS: Tuliskan rencana studi dan rencana jangka panjang kamu dengan program studi yang akan diambil

As an engineer, my point of view is focused on Defense Technology, in order to support and realize Indonesia as the state forward, sovereign, and independent in Defense Field, no later than 2045 (100 years of the country’s independence), particularly for Independence of Defense Technology, so that the Navy could be more powerful and respected.  ….. .

XXXX, scholarship recipient candidate of Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education Scholarship, my core competence as a Software System Engineer, and currently I joined the core team of CMS (Combat Management System) developers.

In the end, if I am given the opportunity to study and to make new experiences as well as knowledge through LPDP Scholarship, by doing MSc Systems Engineering for Defence Capability — Cranfield University, then I will focus for the re-development, optimization, or re-design of the CMS Mandhala Indonesia, to be tailored by the needs of user operation and characteristics of Indonesia as a maritime country.

By taking this course, implementing systems engineering methodologies and practices, I intended that Indonesia will be freed from foreign defense technology dependency, and finally Indonesian Navy can come back waking-up from a long hibernation period and become respected as one of the world most influential maritime power, with the support of domestic defense industry.

My dreams and hopes in the future, I aspire to be able to become an expert in the field of Systems and Defense Technology Integration (Indonesian Combat System Integration and Defense Technology Expert) which may be achieved at the latest in 2045–100 years of Indonesia’s independence.

Djiwandou Putro

Contoh 3

PRO TIPS: Hubungkan pengalaman kamu sebelumnya dengan program studi tujuan, jelaskan keterkaitannya. Uraikan juga bagaimana program tersebut bisa membantumu mencapai tujuan di masa depan


My name is X, and I am applying for MSc Integrative Neuroscience at the University of X. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Veterinary Medicine from X University. I am keenly interested in neuroscience as well as want to be an expert in it. 


The field of Neuroscience is strongly related to my past experience and research focus. During my undergraduate study, I tried to specialize in that field by becoming a laboratory assistant in a microanatomy laboratory. During my three years working in the laboratory, I was involved in our department’s neuroanatomy research entitled “xxx”. Having experience for three years in neuroanatomy and animal model. I have become more interested in studying neuroscience to deepen my skill and knowledge.


I have a special personal reason to study Neuroscience at Edinburgh. My late mother was diagnosed with Schizophrenia and I understand the burden of the family who has a schizophrenic family member. ….. . However, the study is still growing and I would like to explore the possibility of Schizophrenia developing since the baby is in the womb with zebrafish as an animal model.


….. .


After I finish my postgraduate study at The University of X, I am planning to become a Lecturer at X University. I would like to establish a zebrafish research group in Indonesia and a zebrafish facility there so I can help Indonesian scientists to develop research using zebrafish. I believe my plan could be started and my dream might come true by pursuing higher study in Integrative Neuroscience Master Program at The University of X.

Contoh 4

PRO TIPS: Buat kalimat pembuka yang unik dan menarik perhatian. Misalnya, menggunakan pengalaman pribadi atau ungkapan tertentu. Sertakan juga alasan spesifik memilih universitas

“I have known that I want to be a Doctor since I was four years old. As soon as my cognitive abilities were advanced enough to comprehend the idea of medicine, I knew that was what I wanted to do. Every night I would stare at the stars and fantasize about my future as a physician before I drifted off to sleep…” 

…is not what this motivation letter is going to look like at all. I think that people who have been excited about medicine their entire lives are very admirable, but that is not the case for me. ….. .

From reading articles on how a surgery saved a sick child’s life, to personally listening as my father instructed a family friend through his wife’s labor over the phone when hospitals in Syria were closed due to active bombing – it’s instances like these that have made me certain that being a doctor and providing healthcare to people is what I truly want to do. 

…… .

There are several reasons for my interest in Koç University specifically. Firstly, the fact that the university operates almost entirely in English is extremely important to me. While it is my second language, it’s the one I feel most comfortable using – especially academically. Another factor that sets Koç apart from other universities is how student oriented it is, and how its goal is to create well-rounded graduates that have some knowledge of all fields of academia, not just their selected majors. 

Seldom, if ever, does a university prioritize a liberal arts education for STEM students, so reading about the ‘Core Curriculum’ offered made me very happy. ….. . Science is obviously important when it comes to medicine, but so are subjects beyond that category. The fact that Koç sees value in that too is a big part of why I have chosen to apply here. 

I am aware of how stressful and demanding being a Doctor can be, but my love for this field only continues to grow stronger with each passing day. I want to leave my mark on society, and I’m certain that studying medicine at Koç will allow me to achieve that.

Sumber: Koç University

Contoh 5

PRO TIPS: Gunakan pengalaman pribadi agar esai lebih personal dan unik. Jangan lupa, tunjukkan antusiasme dan ketertarikan kamu terhadap program studi tujuan

To: Admission Department 

University of X 

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to apply for the B.A. in Law Program, in which I am enormously interested. ….. . 

I am a Human rights activist, public figure of my own and students’ community, master in photography, and creator of my fortune. X is my native country. My country is an independent and young state. It is developing but it has a lot of problems.

I know that England is a country with a perfect system of Human rights protection and solutions to social problems. Active youth Human rights advocates assert its rights decisively and implement new ways of solving social problems. As a leader of the youth community and a member of an NGO I have a lot of goals and plans. These goals are improvement of youth well-being, involvement of young people into social life, finding and promotion of young leaders. 

That’s why I strive to take part in your educational establishment together with progressive international youth. I aim to join in researching and developing projects together with the best world academics, journalists, activists, officials, and leaders in Human rights protection in order to solve global problems of Mankind as well as challenges of my community. 

….. .

Moreover, taking part in The B.A. in Law Program is a perfect chance to develop both my personal and professional experience by interacting with top students and leaders of other nationalities, discovering new culture and traditions. Being an active participant of the meetings of youth, I know how enriching it is to meet new people, sharing ideas and broadening our horizons beyond a single nation’s vision. 

I am sure that the knowledge I shall receive in The B.A. in Law Program will be able to be applied in the future in order to become a professional. I could help people and teams to develop their own 2 potentials, to overcome obstacles and to achieve their goals. 

…… .

In conclusion, I would like to say that I am eager to gain new experiences, improve my skills and broaden my understanding of the dynamic economic world, and I am persuaded that studying in the B.A. in Law program would contribute to my development as a specialist of international level in the best possible way. 

Thank you very much for considering my application. 

Yours faithfully, 


Sumber: MotivationPDF

Struktur Motivation Letter

Berdasarkan contoh-contoh sebelumnya, kamu pasti menemukan kalau motlet terdiri dari tiga bagian, yaitu pembuka, isi, dan penutup. Mari kita bahas masing-masing bagiannya, yuk!

1. Pembuka

Kalimat pembuka menentukan kesan pertamamu, lho! 


Mulai dengan menyapa penerima surat secara tepat. Kalau kamu mengetahui nama penyeleksi, gunakan nama tersebut. 


Kalau enggak, kamu bisa menggunakan “Dear Admissions Committee” atau “Dear Sir/Madam“.


Kemudian, langsung ke poin dengan menjelaskan tujuanmu menulis surat. Misalnya, “I am writing to apply for the Master’s program in Software Engineering at [University Name].”


Berikan perkenalan singkat tentang diri kamu yang mencakup latar belakang yang relevan. Misalnya, “As a graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from [Your University], I have a solid foundation in…


Sampaikan juga secara singkat mengapa kamu  tertarik dengan program atau universitas tersebut. 


Misalnya, kekaguman terhadap reputasi akademis, kesesuaian program dengan tujuan karier, atau minat khusus pada area penelitian yang ditawarkan oleh universitas.

2. Isi

Bagian isi menjadi bagian terpenting dalam motlet. Biasanya, bagian ini lebih panjang, detail, dan padat. Kamu harus menjawab pertanyaan-pertanyaan yang diajukan.


Setidaknya, beberapa elemen penting harus kamu sertakan untuk memperkuat tulisan, yaitu:

    • Alasan Memilih Program – Jelaskan mengapa kamu memilih program studi tersebut di universitas tujuan. Sertakan detail tentang bagaimana program tersebut sesuai dengan tujuan karier dan akademik kamu. Misalnya, kamu bisa menyinggung tentang kurikulum, metode pengajaran yang unik, atau keahlian dosen sesuai minatmu;
    • Pengalaman Akademis dan Profesional – Uraikan pengalaman pendidikan dan pekerjaan sesuatu program studi. Misalnya, magang, pekerjaan terkait, atau kegiatan ekstrakurikuler;
    • Keterampilan dan Pencapaian – Soroti keterampilan khusus dan pencapaian yang membedakan kamu dari kandidat lain. Misalnya, keahlian teknis, kepemimpinan dalam proyek, atau penghargaan kejuaraan;
    • Tujuan Jangka Panjang – Gambarkan tujuan kamu setelah menyelesaikan program tersebut. Jelaskan bagaimana program ini akan membantumu mencapai karier.

3. Penutup

Ulangi kembali mengapa kamu tertarik dan cocok dengan program studi tersebut. Hal ini membantu memperkuat kesan bahwa kamu sangat termotivasi untuk bergabung dengan program tersebut.


Sebutkan kembali tujuan jangka panjang dan bagaimana program tersebut akan membantu kamu mencapai tujuan-tujuan tersebut. 


Jangan lupa, selalu akhiri surat dengan mengucapkan terima kasih atas pertimbangan mereka terhadap aplikasimu, ya!


Akhiri surat dengan penutup formal seperti “Hormat saya,” diikuti dengan nama kamu. 


Nah, itu dia contoh motivation letter masuk universitas luar negeri yang bisa jadi referensi kamu. Siapkan dari sekarang untuk masuk universitas impian, yuk!


Semoga berhasil, SoBi!

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